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Chaang Chiia Co., LTD. is one of the leading companies that specialize in Christmas tree enterprises, located in Ho Chi Minh City , Vietnam , since 1987. Since we have operated and work in this business field for more than twelve years, we have strong confidence and pride on our good service, excellent products as well as our expert on this field.

Chaang Chiia Co., LTD. specializes in the series of the Christmas tree Products, including PVC Christmas tree, garland, wreath, and fence. There are 2600 square meters of standard factory building and more than 800 staff, capable of producing 100-130 containers 40'DC per month. We produce Christmas trees of different specifications from 30 centimeters to 20 meters, can also design and produce various kinds of ordinary Christmas trees according to customers request, for example, Optic fiber Christmas tree, etc. We sale our products all over the world, and main is in Europe, our customer includes Keiyo(Japan), Auchan(France), Eroski(Spain), Werner Eckert(Germany), The Warehouse(Australia and New Zealand) and more, and win the favorable comment from customer deeply. We are in line with the principle that " the quality first, the customer is the highest ".

Since Christmas tree has many specifications, we would only show some specialized ones on catalogue. If you have any of your own style, please kindly advice and we will then cost you our best prices.

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